Welcome to IVF
Welcome to IVF
Welcome to IVF
Available Facilities for Infertility
The laboratory is fully equipped with the latest instrumentation and with duplication of all laboratory equipment so that there is an effective back-up system. Our clinical staff consisting of 9 MDs interfaces with 6 reproductive biologists who have in depth knowledge of all the laboratory aspects of Assisted Reproduction. We routinely perform quality control assays to ensure high performance. The laboratory functions all 7 days of the week.

Equipment List
1) 4 Micromanipulation Systems with Inverted Microscopes.
2) 3 Phase Contrast Microscopes.
3) 2 Stereo Microscopes.
4) 1 Laser Assisted Hatching Diode Laser System (MTM Germany).
5) IMSI System.
6) 3 Laminar Flow Hoods.
7) 9 Incubators.
         -Heracell- 5
         -Minc- 2
8) Vitrification and Thawing System.
9) Aspiration Pump 3.
         -Cook- 2
         -Labotect- 1
10) Ultrasound Scan Machine (Aloka) - 4.
11) PGD Equipment.
12) Genetics Equipment.