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Welcome to IVF
-8. Are there any risks associated with IVF?
As with any medical procedure, the techniques of Assisted Reproduction can be associated with certain risks and complications. These are rarely of a serious nature and can be attended to and treated effectively. The most common are:

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS):
OHSS occurs when too many ovarian follicles have developed as a result of the ovarian stimulation and is associated with ovarian enlargement and accumulation of fluid in the pelvic cavity. This complication occurs in various degrees of severity in approximately 2.5% of women undergoing IVF treatment and our team of doctors is highly experienced to treat such a condition, should it arise. we can avoid hyperstimulation if a gnRH agonist called Decapeptyl given to trigger ovulation instead of HCG. However in that case all embryos are frozen and subsequently transferred in the next cycle.

Multiple pregnancies:

Although many couples are happy at the idea of completing their families quickly if they get twins or multiples through the IVF procedure, bearing twins increases the chances of prematurity and abnormalities in the babies.

The risk of bearing twins can be cut down by placing less number of embryos in the uterus or by electively placing a single very good quality blastocyst stage embryo.