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FISH for haematological malignancies
The FISH technique is very useful in diagnosis, prognosis, and management of leukemia patients and  in the detection of minimal residual disease.

In order to periodically monitor the progress of therapy in BCR/ABL fusion (Philadelphia +ve) and PML/RARA fusion (AML-M3) cases, semi-quantitative FISH can be carried out on heparinized blood instead of bone-marrow. In case a relapse is suspected, karyotyping from bone-marrow is again repeated to look for clonal evolution.

The double-fusion BCR/ABL and PML/RARA probes reduce the chances of false positivity. FISH is also useful in complex translocations leading to a masked Philadelphia chromosome, which may be missed on karyotyping.

List of our FISH Probes in Leukemia

  • BCR/ABL dual colour dual fusion probe for t(9;22)
  • PML/RARA dual colour dual fusion probe for t(15;17) 
  • AML/ETO dual colour dual fusion probe for t(8;21) 
  • 8q24 breakapart probe for Burkits Lymphoma 
  • Inversion 16 breakapart probe 
  • RARA (17q12-q21) breakapart probe 
  • del(13q14) 
  • Deletion 13q14.3 and 13q34 in Myltiple Myeloma 
  • CLL panel to check for deletions of 11q23, p53, 13q14.3, 13q34 and Trisomy 12
Sample: 2-3 ml blood or bone marrow sample depending on WBC count in heparin tube (Green top) transported at room temperature.