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Genetic Counselling
There is an increasing awareness of genetics among the lay public. Genetic counseling helps parents to understand a genetic disorder which may be picked up on prenatal diagnosis, or during investigation of an affected child, and reach decisions about what to do next. The family history is evaluated and the risks of recurrence in a subsequent pregnancy are explained, with information on available prenatal diagnostic tests. The possible cause of the condition is explained, to try and reduce the feeling of guilt experienced by parents. Options of assisted reproductive techniques to bypass an inherited condition are discussed. Other family members needing prenatal diagnosis are identified and awareness given to try and prevent the birth of another affected child in the extended family.

Genetic Counseling OPD: Monday - Friday 2.00-4.00pm
Honorary Geneticist: Dr. Prochi F. Madon
Contact for appointments: 9820006336 (Direct) / 66573343

A Pedigree Chart (Family Tree) is drawn based on the information given, to determine the pattern of inheritance and the risk of recurrence. eg. In Thalassemia, if there is an affected child, there is a 25% risk in every pregnancy that another child can also be affected. Therefore, prenatal diagnosis has to be carried out at 11 weeks from CVS, in every pregnancy in such cases.

If there is a history of recurrent iscarriages, karyotyping of the couple may show a balanced translocation in one of the partners,, who is a normal carrier. In such cases, use of donor eggs if the wife is a carrier or donor sperm if the husband is a carrier, will help to bypass the genetic problem. However, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) by FISH is now available in India at our Dept. of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics of  Jaslok Hospital for Robertsonian and reciprocal translocations, using the couples' own gametes. One cell from each embryo is tested and the abnormal embryos (unbalanced) are nor transferred.