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16 AUG 2006 Preimplantation Genetic Diagno
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is carried out for high risk couples. The steps involved in PGD are:

* Hormonal stimulation and oocyte retrieval
* IVF/ICSI and fertilization
*   Embryo biopsy at 8-celled stage (At the 8-celled stage, the embryo is   totipotent. Hence, the biopsy of 1-2 blastomeres does not affect further   growth of the embryo).

* Genetic analysis by FISH technique
* Transfer of normal embryos

The entire process of genetic analysis is completed within a day and chromosomally normal embryos are transferred.

see more at : http://www.ivfclinicindia.com/genetics/PGD_fish.asp