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27 February 2014


 "We contacted Dr. Parikh mam and her team in Feb-2013, for IVF - ICSI cycle, as we were unable to have a baby naturally, due to male factor infertility, caused by very low sperm count. Her team understood and took our case as a true professional as one would expect, but what surprised us was their deep passion for the success. Parikh Mam's personal attention, assuring words and her team's truly sincere efforts, made us so positive, while keeping every eventuality in mind. And the result - We were blessed with a Baby Boy on 14th Feb 2014. Baby weighed 2.460 kgs when born at around 37+ weeks. It was through C-Sec as the baby was in breech position. A Big-Big Thanks to Mam and Jaslok IVF team for making our Valantine day so beautiful. You are indeed a team of Angels!! :) :)"


12 May 2014


We are a couple residing outside India and were trying to conceive for the past 5 years. We tried the best doctors in Canada and US and thought going to the best doctors should be fine. The doctors felt optimistic but could not figure out the main reason of infertility. We decided to make a trip to Mumbai, India and met 4 different doctors who were very credible with there results and experience. We were thoroughly impressed with Dr Parikh and the process she follows is phenomenal. She is a one man army who has a very efficient team that follows her directions but she takes the time to meet you and answer your questions, get all the required tests done, put enough research into your file, gives honest and true advise and shows the road map.

She makes your process and treatment very comfortable and she is very honest about the results. There is enough staff to help you, assist you to answer your questions. Dr. Parikh herself does your procedure as compared to some places where the consulting doctor is different than the doctor who does your procedure. The post care after the procedure is fantastic. Dr Parikh was in touch with me and had given me proper directions after my return back to Canada. The importance given to confidentiality and accountable paperwork is given much priority which is critical in such cases. I highly recommend Dr Parikh . She was a life changer in our life and completed our life. We are blessed with a beautiful boy who has completed our life to the best.

20 September 2014


 Of all the IVF clinics I've visited, Dr Parikh's is the one I'd recommend any day. I've had my share of failed cycles with Dr Parikh but what made me stay on was Dr Parikh's words,  always positive and if there was any bad news she still knew a way to say it without getting hopes down. In my experience at other clinics, all patients were approached with the same protocol, same medicines, same dosages in spite of different reasons for infertility. For the first time at Dr Parikh's clinic my problems were addressed with specific medications, procedures. In other clinics I've seen there is no escaping injections but at Dr Parikh's they try and keep it to the minimum so much so that for and post transfer I only had to take three shots of progesterone in total. Complete bed rest for two weeks is advised post transfer at every other IVF clinic, with Dr Parikh's treatment I walked down a flight of stairs and still conceived and delivered a healthy baby. Dr Parikh's team of both medical and non medical staff is just the best, ever ready to help in whatever ways they can, sometimes it's just a smile or a nice word. But the world of difference it makes when there are no words to explain your anxiety! All in all a big thumbs up to the overall positive package ie. the IVF clinic at Jaslok!

7 January 2015


 My Good news,have had a beautiful healthy baby boy on 26th Aug, we call him Amar. He's now two and a half months old and very dearly charming!Thank you so much for making it happen again for us.You are the harbinger of good things in my life and my family joins me in thanking you from the bottom of our hearts!

13 July 2015


 The journey was very very long but worth it. The entire IVF team of Jaslok is simply great. 

Our sincere thanks to Dr Parikh, Dr Mehta, Dr Sawkar, Dr Deshmukh, Dr Agarwal, Dr Madhavi, Dr Deepti, Dr Presswalla.

Thanks to Anesthesiologist and the Lab team.

 Sorry for having disturbed Dr Madhavi and Dr Sangeeta on countless occasions and sometime even on non working days, after office hours. You all have been kind enough to answer all the time. You all are blessed with lots of patience. 

Sorry if I have missed out any name who helped us in conceiving. 

We had to come to Mumbai because we couldn't find one more Dr Parikh here ! but I request Dr Parikh to train as many young Gynecologists as possible, so that similar expertise is made available at the other corner of the country. 

Last but not the least, Miss Linnet ! I appreciate her for answering the same boring calls from patients. Every time she comes out to the corridor explaining the same matter without getting tired.

And to Dr Parikh, in spite of your extremely busy schedule you are always available for patient service. On previous IVF cycle whole Mumbai was shut down after the death of Balasaheb. I had so much of difficulty in getting a simple taxi but you were available !! You have always given us enough of time, attention and advice.

Jyothi V
Dr. Firuza will always hold a special place in my heart. We began seeing Dr. Firuza a little over three years ago and from the moment we stepped into her office we felt her warmth, compassion and most importantly something about her made me feel like I had a good chance at becoming a mother. She once told me "you are going to have a baby, no doubt." It were those words that made me feel that no matter how hard the journey was going to be it would all be worth it. Although every visit was mentally and physically tiring, Dr. Firuza was always extremely positive yet realistic. Her proactive approach to everything made me feel like she wasn't just another fertility doctor but she was doing everything she could in the best interest of her patient. Dr. Firuza continued to be our doctor even when we moved to the US. Although we were so faraway we were so happy that all our calls, emails and texts were promptly responded to and we got the feeling she was a good friend attending to all our concerns.
Three years later here we are with a beautiful baby girl. A baby girl Dr. Firuza gifted us with. We are the happiest we have ever been and so grateful to have been one of Dr. Firuza's patients. I have to mention I recently introduced her to my closest friend who has been going through the torturous journey of infertility and I am super happy to say my closest friend is now pregnant after several years of trying!

Dr Trupti Kharosekar

I am a Gynaecologist and have been referring infertile couples needing ART services to Dr. Firuza Parikh for almost 3-4 years now; and it has been such a wonderful association!
Dr Parikh and her skilled team of doctors at Jaslok Hospital are a blessing for couples trying to be parents.Dr. Firuza's straightforward,transparent,ethical and empathetic approach towards patients has highly impressed me.
One of the patients I had referred, had undergone 3 cycles of IVF with 5 attempts at Embryo Transfer-unfortunately all unsuccessful; it was only Dr. Parikh who did her ERA test and accurately diagnosed her as having unreceptive endometrium at the molecular level.All thanks to Dr. Firuza's relentless efforts, the couple was blessed with a healthy daughter, who turns 2 coming month.
I wish to cite another example which demonstrates how ethically Dr. Parikh practices.A couple aged 40 years had been to multiple ART consultants and through numerous cycles of IVF but with no results.Dr. Firuza correctly guided them and explained how adoption would be the best option for them considering their case.Her team of doctors helped the couple wherever required and today they are enjoying the joys of parenthood with their son Ayaan.
Dr. Parikh's skill and clinical acumen doesn't rest at ART alone.She has correctly diagnosed an ovarian dermoid being treated elsewere as an endometriotic chocolate cyst!
And all this is just the tip of the iceberg!
Hats off to the doctor's efforts which has helped many couples seek their most precious gift-the gift of life! I highly recommend Dr. Firuza Parikh and her team.
Keep the good work going doctor, you are hope and inspiration for so many of us!

Persis Hilluwala

A simple medical term .....infertility, to many unfamiliar minds is just an unfortunate situation. A physical condition which is no major threat to life. Yes, it is not a life threatening disease, except that it slowly but surely seeps away the very essence of your life.
Couples spend endless days and nights , planning the best line of action to defeat infertility. The latest developments cause a profound confusion of choices and options to move forward with. Finally, the choice made , sets in the fatal cycles of hope and despair.....the process of ivf treatments take you to the heights of positivity only to come crushing down with despair. My husband Shehraz and I , Persis Hilluwala , were victims of this vicious cycle.
The only ray of hope was behind the closed doors of our beloved Dr. Parikh's office. Her face filled with radiance, a kind understanding smile, eyes bursting with compassion , the exact words of kindness and encouragement right from her heart. Besides being one of the kindest human beings we have been fortunate enough to know, Dr. Parikh would offer the soundest advice , but never force upon us any decision. The most practical plan of action would always be laid out, the pros and cons clearly discussed , without getting into the complicated medical terminology, which basically makes any patient nervous.
Today , after years of infertility treatment , we are blessed with two beautiful daughters , only because of Dr. Parikh. The mention of her name or even Jaslok hospital , for that matter bring a smile to our faces and a tug at our hearts....We owe our present happiness to Dr Parikh and her entire team ...they changed our entire perspective of life.
" God answers prays in three ways....
He says 'yes ' and gives you what you want,
He says ' no' and gives you something better,
He says ' wait ' and gives you the BEST ! "
Dr. Firuza Parikh is the best thing that happened to us !

Deepali Pendse

At 40 years of age and having been blessed with a lovely daughter who was at the time 3 years old, we were very keen to provide a sibling for her to make her life complete. We toyed with the idea of adoption but decided against it because with one kid of our own, this could raise a complex situation.
The idea of surrogacy, where we could still bring a baby into our world, who would be ours, was a bit unusual and unfamiliar to us at first but we quickly became comfortable with it and decided to find someone who could help us with this process.
Internet searches for surrogacy in India revealed quite a few providers from where we created a shortlist. To conduct our due diligence we visited each of the ones shortlisted and were disappointed to see that even the most popular and marketed ones were way short of our expectations. Right from facilities, premises, antecedents of the staff to transparency of information, much was lacking. We were up against a dead end when out of the blue, our gynaecologist in Singapore referred us to one of her patients who in turn told us about Easy Surrogacy. She was very positive about her experience.
Jaslok Hospital is a well-known establishment and that immediately gave us the comfort we needed at the beginning. We subsequently also found out from many of our friends and family how renowned Dr. Firuza Parikh is. One visit to her OPD at Jaslok was all we needed to swiftly decide that if we are going to go ahead, we will place our trust only in Dr. Parikh.
We first met Dr. Parikh in December 2013– and by August 2014 we had our twins delivered. (Being twins they were less than 40 weeks when born)
Why we would recommend Easy Surrogacy:
Antecedents: With a stalwart like Dr. Firuza and an institution like Jaslok backing up the process, there is no one else in the business who comes remotely close.
Professionalism: Right from Dr. Firuza to her assisting doctors to the nurses to the receptionist- everyone was warm, friendly, helpful and approachable. Even though we don’t live in Mumbai, we were kept duly informed about the progress all throughout by Dr. Mamta who was always approachable on phone and always made time for us when we had queries and doubts. She reassured us on many occasions when we were in panic for one or the other reasons. The clinic is busy and the staff is attending to so many people, but even in that hectic environment, all doctors (Sujata and Mamta for example) were available and calm.
Safety and Security: If one starts to think, there are so many things which can go wrong. From a safety angle the clinical safety of the sperm / egg / embro to the safety of the surrogate mother during the course of the pregnancy; from a security point of view there are risks such as accidental mix-up of your own sperm/egg with someone else’s. When dealing with a professional set up like Easy Surrogacy, we had all such fears addressed and allayed.
Transparent: Other service providers were cagey when answering questions on surrogates or how the surrogates would be managed / cared for during the pregnancy but with Easy Surrogacy, all questions were addressed up front. Another aspect is money. Most other service providers appeared to place money ahead of the services, but in this case money was hardly ever discussed except as matter of course. We have heard of so many places where hidden costs are sprung on patients during the course of the pregnancy and at the time of delivery but with Dr Firuza’s team, there was never any debate and conflict on this matter. We knew exactly where we stood throughout until the end.
In summary we are very thankful to god that we found the conduit to our wishes through Dr. Firuza, and are grateful to everyone at Easy Surrogacy (especially Dr.Mamta and Dr. Sujata) for the warmth and professionalism with which the whole thing was managed. For anyone wishing to go through surrogacy, whatever your reasons, we would recommend Easy Surrogacy.

Aananya Khatri

My husband and I got married 6 years ago At first we were not planning a baby soon. But because of my age our families were keen for us to have children soon. Since we live in Borivali we tried IUI with the local doctor for 4 times. I was getting frustrated so the doctor suggested ICSI We did 2 fresh and 2 frozen cycles but to no avail. My neighbour then suggested us to see Dr Firuza Parikh at Jaslok Hospital. As soon as I met her I knew I had found my guardian angel. Right from her secretary Linnet to Priyanka the team helper to the doctors specially Dr Trupti and Dr Sapna everyone there made me feel special. All my questions were answered with utmost politeness. But the icing on the cake was when I met Dr Firuza. Her simplicity and directness captured my attention. Her gentleness helped me calm down. She asked for some investigations and found that my thyroid gland had hypothyroidism. She put me on thyroid tablets and said that we should try naturally. She said I did not need IUI or IVF. I conceived in the third month of trying. Now I am 6 months pregnant. Thank you my guardian angel Dr Firuza. May your magical hands bring happiness to many thousands of couples. Love you Dr Firuza

Divyaudit Singh

We have been struggling to conceive for few years now and have visited several renowned infertility specialists (it wouldn't be wise to name them) till we consulted Dr.Firuza Parikh. She has been instrumental in not only identifying the issue head on but also advised us on making some lifestyle changes. In the first attempt we were advised to go in for iui as my wife didn't produce enough eggs. However, in the 2nd attempt of ivf we have conceived.
Dr.Parikh has been most courteous, polite and ready to address all our issues and concerns without a shread of hesitation. Even while she was on a vacation, she would communicate with us via messages and all our emails are promptly and duly responded to and this admirable quality percolates down to her staff. All the doctors under her (Dr sangeeta, Dr sapna and Dr ashwini) have always responded to our calls be it late evening, a special mention of Dr.Sangeeta who has unflinchingly supported us in our journey. It is a difficult phase for anyone and Dr.Parikh and Dr.Sangeeta have been our pillar of strength.
We highly recommend Dr.Parikh to anyone struggling with infertility and consider her as our guardian angel.

Chirag Patankar

We are blessed with a beautiful baby boy through surrogacy , all thanks to the wonderful panel of doctors under Dr Firuza Parikh and a special thanks to Dr Mamta Kaatakdhond (Pardeshi). We were trying to be parents for a long time and we tried at couple of other reputed doctors in Mumbai but failed to receive a positive results and most importantly the emotional support and customer service which is far more essential during this treatment.When approached Dr Mamta Pardeshi she gave us the hope and a positive attitude , towards becoming parents and most importantly the emotional support which was needed in this journey.
I strongly recommend anyone who is struggling to become parents to seek medical treatment and options like surrogacy from Dr Firuza Parikh and Dr Mamta.

Sanchita Jain
Whatever I write will be too little to express my gratitude towards Dr. Firuza parikh, Dr. Sapna, Dr. Sujatha, Dr. Deepti, Dr. Havovi and other members of the team. I never knew what a book may lead me to and help me find my case can have so many issue (bilateral tubal blockage due to TB, PCOS, fibroids, UTI). Here, besides the best treatment I got both guidance and support which was closely watched till the time I delivered. Even though I was not in town during pregnancy all my queries were promptly reverted.
They made my dream of conceiving naturally and being a mother true.
Sanchita Saboo
Mother of 2yr old boy

Sreepriya Subramanian
IVF tends to be a very emotional experience for every couple. At the same time its a ray of hope.If we were to capture our journey in a nutshell we would probably call it "Safe in the hands of Grace".
From the beginning when we approached Dr.Firuza Parikh and her team,we experienced inner peace although there was a constant mask of anxiety that the result should be positive. However ,after each visit we were always left with a feeling of deep comfort due to her entire teams personalised approach and guidance provided to us through the procedure. We were extremely gratified to see their attention for details and due deligence being accorded to every aspect of our medical history ,which formed a basis to taking critical decisions towards the treatment plan.
Our sincere thanks to Dr.Chitra and Dr. Trupti who were always there to guide us though this experience.Meeting Dr.Firuza Parikh has been the start of a new innings for us in life and we are looking forward to all that this new chapter has to offer!

Nareshrasamalla Kumar
Hi Firuja Madam,
I would like to thank you very much for giving us opportunity to talk to you on our problem (Robertsonian Translocation) and you gave us hope on our feature. I recommend people having the same problem to visit jaslok to get more right information
Thanks once again.
Naresh & Ramya

Janvi P
I'm so grateful to have met and to be treated by Dr Parikh and her team.
Since we found out about our rather complicated infertility issues, we've seen a number of doctors in India and overseas. Since our first meeting with Dr Parikh, we've had no doubt that if we're ever going to have children successfully, it would be through her practice and team.
Dr Parikh and the doctors at IVF are there 24X7 and will do everything that they possibly can to help their patients succeed. You are treated as a person with feelings (I've been to other clinics where I feel like another statistic) and you feel thar they've taken full responsibility of your treatment and care.
I would highly recommend Dr Parikh and her team to anyone who's having infertility issues. If anyone can make baby dust happen for you, it is Dr Parikh!

Kalpesh Kinariwala
I can say with conviction that Dr Firuza is one the top doctor of India. We have recommended several friends who were unsuccessful to get any results after doing several cycles with other doctor's in india till they met Dr. Parikh. She definitely has the magic touch and gift of God to help thousands of women become mothers.
Her practice is quite unique and unorthodox vis a vis other doctors in this field.
She is also one of the most humble and finest human being I have had the fortune to meet.
I highly recommend her.

Hema Menon
We had lost our 15 and half year old son and were desparately trying to have a baby.Our doctor in our city suggested that we should go to Dr.Firuza Parikh.We went to her with least hope but were treated by her from day one with utmost gentleness and positivity.Each time anything failed she along with her team was as distressed as we felt.We finally went in for a baby through surrogacy owing to our advanced age and with the highest care and personal attention given by Dr.Firuza and her ever smiling and ever encouraging team of Doctors we were blessed with a baby boy.It was Dr.Firuza who kept us hopeful and gave us the courage to patiently go through all cycles of treatment every time we lost hope.We are deeply grateful for the care,gentleness,kindness and most of all her professional yet positive approach in keeping up our hope and thereby god's grace and Dr.Firuza's efforts gave us our precious son who is hale and hearty and 1 year old now.
Dr.Hema Menon and Vijay Menon

Pranav Sheth
I salute Dr. Firuza for her expertise knowledge and especially her style of keeping her patients into most comfort zone. She and her team is always cordial......The Ranna (goddess to be worshiped for child) on the earth.
Trupti Sheth

mandira Koirala
Dr Firuza Parikh and her team are a blessingfor anyone trying to have a baby and especially people who have lost hope! I went to her when I had given up all hope of being a mother ever. She dint only give me hope but her entire team took us on as thier own and hand held us through the process giving us the positivity we needed. With Dr. Parikh you become family and it's not only an ivf process but alsoa healing process.
Dr. Parikh was our last hope and thanks to her we now have 2 beautiful children (both on the first go FYI :) ). I have also sent so many people to her till date and have to thank her becuase they are all parents today thanks to her and her brilliant team.
You see the love and life time bond when you walk in to her clinic and immidaitly you will know what kind of a person she is. Dr. Parikh you are a blessing to this world!!! thank you for being you.

Kushal Chakraborty
Dr Firuza Parikh the only coach to us she has the ability to change life of people suffering from kidless.

Sangeeta thakur
She and her team of doctors treat each and every patient with thorough care and dedication. I was able to conceive in very first attempt in her clinic.